Marriage or Couples Counseling for Infidelity, Stepfamily Issues, causing Anxiety and Depression

Marriage or Couples therapy offers counseling for infidelity, parenting disagreements, blended family adjustment, life transitions, and those considering divorce. These problems can seriously challenge a family’s commitment causing fear, anxiety, and contributing to depression. Events like these are likely to overwhelm and cloud yours and your partner’s ability to think clearly and determine the necessary “next steps” to find solutions. Rationalizations may develop as a result of overpowering emotions and too often end up maintaining the problem. I can help couples find clarity to see obstacles and determine these next steps.

We all want to have healthy romantic relationships.  You thought your partner was the one, but now it feels like you’ve become strangers. Problems like infidelity, domestic violence, or escalating financial debt create emotional traumas difficult to overcome. Whether you’re married or in a romantic relationship, my Couples Therapy sessions offer a way to overcome these problems. Relationships are difficult and require strong communication and self-awareness. Couples wanting to improve their relationship will find answers and research-based strategies to rebuild the connection and trust for a partner. Couples therapy provides communication tools to effectively problem-solve, build trust, and develop intimacy. 

Choose to live consistent with your core values. My program provides effective solutions in a safe space to clear away the noise and see the obstacles blocking resolutions. Marriage counseling can provide a step by step plan to overcome infidelity, hurtful parenting conflicts, and create intimacy. Whether you are married, live together, or planning to build a life together, Couple’s Therapy will strengthen commitments and provide clarity to make decisions best aligned with your self-identity and values.

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