anger management

Anger Management

Who Needs Anger Management?

Anger management counseling is helpful when rage and emotional behavior does not match who we are as a person. Anger is an emotion that is important to our self-respect. It tells us when our rights have been violated or when something important to us is denied.  Anger often tells us to “do” something in the face of a problem. What you do at that moment… is a learned behavior and can be relearned if desired. So, ask yourself… “Does my anger behavior work for me?”

Managing Emotions and Anger

Emotional tantrums might get a lot of attention, but they rarely elevate situations the way we want.  Some of us resort to violence as a response to frustration, which often leaves us with feelings of shame and embarrassment (and sometimes legal problems).  Others bottle the anger inside and just white knuckle it until they are physically sick and feeling resentful (sometimes exploding).  Many times, angry outbursts disturb family relationships at home where safety is expected. When this happens, family members may feel threatened and become guarded and hypervigilant. These reactions are amplified when individuals are also suffering from depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety.  However, there is another way to be in the world.  You can learn to recognize these emotions and express yourself consistent with your values and beliefs.

How do I know if I need help?

Research published by the American Psychological Association (APA) suggests anger to be an important form of emotional expression. However, sometimes when feelings are intensified it may cause more harm than good. Here is a list of warning signs to determine if you need help to control your anger:

  • Your friends or family members stopped coming around or said they think you have an anger problem.
  • Verbal conflicts at work or with coworkers.
  • Some of the local establishments asked you not to return .
  • Feeling angry more days than not during the last six months.
  • Feeling obsessive about getting revenge
  • There is a history of violence or aggression in your past.

Research-Based Strategies That Work

I have worked with many clients struggling to control the damage caused by unwanted rage. My program is guided by peer-reviewed research to offer the most effective approach toward symptom relief. We begin with the recognition that the way anger is expressed is learned. This means you can learn to control your reactions and choose how to respond in a way that reflects your personal value system. Through anger management counseling, you can learn how to express yourself so that you are assertive and stand up for your rights in a way that serves you. We can do this together. Call for an appointment today.

  You deserve to feel better. I can help.  [email protected]