Anger Management to improve high-conflict relationships.

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Dr. C Becker

Welcome to my page. I offer anger management, anxiety and depression therapy and trauma relief through relationship counseling. Marriage counseling can calm the chaos interfering with your important relationships. Our work will provide clarity for these experiences and re-author your responses in a better way that is aligned with who you are as a person. We work together to construct more effective coping strategies to connect and bond meaningfully with others.  Sessions are for individual and couple’s therapy. Together we can build a path toward healthier relationships and positive change.  Don’t wait to get help.

Our earliest family relationships define the basis for which we select our soul mate and raise our own families. Everything we do in life is enhanced by the ability to successfully bond with important others. Poor Anger Management and Anxiety or Depression can hurt this effort. This hurt can cause high levels of distress which is often generalized to every facet of our daily activities. We can all get distracted and lost in the chaos.  With clarity, you will have the power to identify and implement the change you are looking for. The benefit of therapy is an opportunity to find your voice, find your strength, and make decisions for yourself that will have a lasting and beneficial outcome.

Is Therapy right for me?

Therapy is helpful for anyone wanting to reconnect with the best version of themselves. If you are wanting to make adjustments to your life or have a more immediate issue that your facing, I can help.  817-349-3898

Call me today to make an in-person free consultation appointment.  Together, we will create the life you deserve.

Anger Management

We all want to have strong healthy relationships, but sometimes it just doesn’t all fall together that easily.  Or maybe it did in the beginning, but now it feels like it’s all falling apart.

Relationship Counseling

Couples therapy builds healthy communication skills to resolve conflicts.  All family structures, including blended families and extended family members, will benefit from this program.

Depression hurts. There are solid strategies to combat these feelings.  I can help.  This is your life and it’s time to start living it.  Call me to make an appointment and take control of your life again.

If you’re struggling to control your anger, anxiety or depression, you are not alone. Anger Management is the pathway for change to strengthen relationships and improve family cohesion. Everything we do in life is enhanced by our ability to successfully bond with others on some level. Difficulties with anger management and anxiety or depression can hurt this effort and result in a high level of conflict contaminating every aspect of our lives.  My tailored approach targets these negative emotions and offers solutions to achieve the results you want.

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